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Verified Insignia

authentic, signed & verified memorabilia

Authenticity is
our promise

Our mission is to provide authentic, verified memorabilia for fans & collectors alike, helping to preserve and share memories & legacies for current & future generations while growing brands and adding value.

A Bit About Us

We were created out of the owners love of sports, tv & film and pop culture which led to collecting memorabilia from the people he loved to watch and those who inspired him.

The owners private collection includes signed memorabilia from a range of local & international sports stars across many codes, musicians, actors & actresses, a global YouTube superstar, a hot rod designer, fashion designer and a major beauty brand founder.

"It’s his dream to help share his passion for collecting memorabilia to help preserve & share memories & legacies to pass on to the next generation".

Our Services

We can help protect your legacy, no matter your background, whether it be at an event or for charitable, promotional or e-commerce items. We can help provide independent authentication to your items to add additional peace of mind for your customers and increase your brand value. All while helping protect from forgeries.

Our Collection

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All signatures are witnessed at the time of signature by a Verified Insignia representative who will then add a tamper proof holographic sticker to signify the items authenticity. Rare items can also have an additional tamper proof holographic serial numbered sticker and Certificate of Authenticity added for future verification purposes.