Paris Hilton – Paris: The Memoir


Paris: The Memoir
Signed by: Paris Hilton


Heiress. Party Girl. Problem Child. Selfie taker. Model. Cover Girl. Reality. Self Created.

These are the labels that have been attached to Paris Hilton by others.

Founder. Entrepreneur. Pop Culture Maker. Innovator. Survivor. Activist. Daughter. Sister. Wife.

These are roles Paris Hilton embraces now as a fully realized woman.

In her own words:
“For years, people have tried to tell my story for me. They never got it right. The truth is, my experiences are complex and multifaceted, and nobody can fully capture them except for me. I take back my narrative with the release of my book, Paris: The Memoir.

In my memoir, I recount my most personal experiences, such as growing up in the spotlight and the abuse I suffered within the Troubled Teen Industry. I share how overcoming hardships has allowed me to live authentically without shame or fear and best of all, to finally find happiness.

I hope this book will make you laugh and cry. I hope it inspires you to share your own story because your voice matters. Your story matters. And by owning your truth and sharing it with the world, you have the power to create change.”

This includes:

– Hardcover Edition of “Paris”
– Paris Hilton’s Personal Autograph Inside Book
– Premiere Collectibles Certificate of Authenticity

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